2019 SSCCC Football Trials

Teams are selected in the following divisions:-

  • Open Girls
    Students can not turn 19 in the year of the tournament.
  • Open Boys
    Students can not turn 19 in the year of the tournament.

SSCCC Football trials will be held each year late in Term 1 (east trial, west trial) and the final SSCCC trial early in term 2. The 2019 SSCCC trials will be held on the Wednesday 1st May at Kareela Synthetic Fields, 10.15am - 11.45am

Successful students will represent SSCCC at the NSWCCC Selection Championships which are held over two days in May each year. The 2019 event will be held at Valentine Sports Park Tuesday 4th- Wednesday 5th June

From this event a NSWCCC team is selected to represent NSWCCC at the NSW All Schools Championships at Valentine Park.

Forms and Information will be distributed to successful students at the conclusion of the final trial.

Southern Sydney CCC Boys Football Squad 2013

Aston Mammone              FCC

Jake Douglas                   CCC

Adrian Hadjisocratous      GSCC

Tomislav Borovickic         ASCC

Benjamin Tosi                 ASCC

Christian Gonzalez          FCC

Pat O'Shea                     St Pats

Cameron Bell                  Aquinas

Jesse Voarich                 Aquinas

Nick Anderson                Aquinas

Jarrod Benham               Bosco

Chris McStay                 St Pats

Kane Curry                     DLS Cronulla

Alex Griffith                    St Pats

Southern Sydney CCC Girls Football Squad 2013

Adriana Maras        DLS Cronulla

Brittany Hammond  FCC

Morgan Maxwell    Bosco

Joanna Martino     FCC

Isabella Katzakis  Aquinas

Hannah Voloder   FCC

Breanna Ollliveri   FCC

Hayley Swanson   Aquinas

Hannah Bacon      St Pats

Jessica Ellis         Bosco

Carla Trimboli      OLMC

Emily Wyer           St Pats

Natalie Tripeski    Aquinas

Alana Humphries  Bosco

Southern Sydney CCC Boys Football Squad 2011

  1. John Nkpolukwu                  All Saints
  2. Jacob Esposito                   Clancy College
  3. Matthew Yazbeck               Clancy College
  4. Robert Bacic                      Freeman College
  5. Simon Valastro (C)             Freeman College
  6. Drazen Vucer                     Freedom College
  7. George Yousif                    Freedom College
  8. Christian Ciampa                Good Samaritan College
  9. Anthony Tomelic                Good Samaritan College
  10. Anthony Bouzanis              De La Salle Caringbah
  11. Joel Mucci                         St John Bosco
  12. Brett Wilson                       St John Bosco
  13. John Haslem                      Aquinas Menai
  14. Lachlan O’Conner               St Pat’s Sutherland
  15. Luke McCosker                  De La Salle Cronulla


Southern Sydney CCC Girls Football Squad 2011

  1. Nika Morozoff                    Good Samaritan Catholic College
  2. Stephanie Suber                Clancy Catholic College
  3. Nicole Pearce                    Freeman Catholic College
  4. Alexandra Bellantoni           Freeman Catholic College
  5. Bianca Adattini                   Good Samaritan Catholic College
  6. Montana Bolzan                  Good Samaritan Catholic College
  7. Michaela Sargent                OLMC
  8. Rosie Bacon                       St Patricks Sutherland
  9. Emily Eve                           De La Salle Caringbah
  10. Liana Danaskos                  Aquinas
  11. Kristen Skinner                   BOSCO
  12. Christine Zabakly                All Saints Senior College
  13. Isabella Pietrantonio            Freeman Catholic College
  14. Hannah Voloder                  Freeman Catholic College
  15. Alana Humphries                 BOSCO

By-Laws & Rules

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